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New Deus Ex 3 [Human Revolution] Screenshot

Nope, I haven’t forgotten that Deus Ex 3 could potentially be named Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I for one think it’s a great title.

Anyway, a new screenshot has surfaced just recently. It originally popped up on the Eidos forums [1], and then on twitter as well as other locations thereafter.

Are you ready? Drum roll…


…Wow, simply amazing!

In related news, the game may not just be coming out for PC. There’s been some evidence that the game will make a showing on Xbox 360 and PS3 [2]. That’s to be expected, seeing as they will likely keep with the trend of releasing major titles on all major platforms. To ignore the consoles is foolish because that’s where the sales come in. To ignore the PC would be sacrilegious seeing as this is an RPG title or has RPG elements in it.

Previous Deus Ex titles, in addition the PC, were released on consoles that were popular, and available, at the time, like the Xbox and the PS2.


Sources: Eidos forums - Cinemablend



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