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More on Half-Life Beta: Ivan the Space Viking, and Company

Do you remember that picture that was on Digg a while back, which showed a model of Gordon Freeman from Half-Life, in his early stages?


Well, I was doing a search the other day for Half-Life stuff, like one does, and came across this.


There’s Ivan again

Surprisingly, unlike the first image, which got much more publicity, this one above was only dugg once on digg, and yet according to the dates on deviantart, where I saw it, it looks like it was added sometime in 2008.

Here’s some comments from the guy:

“1.The guy holding the gun is what Gordon Freeman looked like in the early betas.
2.The girl is a character from Half-Life Decay.
3.The small purple thing is a Chumtoad (Only seen in Blue Shift).
4.The thing that looks like a penis is A ACTUAL ALIEN PENIS! When it attacked you it would knock off Gordon's glasses and tentacle rape him (FOR REAL).
4.It is the beta version of a Advisor.”

In any case, that monster on the far right looks as though it would have been some scary sh!t to face off against. Certain parts of it remind me of Madonna! I remember seeing some images like these in a Half-Life review in NAG magazine years ago, just when the game was released, and long after Valve had gone past the beta stage.

friendlypic8nrdk7 I decided to search more for Half-Life beta stuff, and found a thread that’s started a few years ago that contains some interesting stuff on Half-Life Beta, with pictures of several character and all the stages they went through before the final version. Read this thread. It’s awesome. I promise…apart from the constant cursing all the time. But hey, forums, you know.

Mainly I decided to post about this, even though it’s nothing new, because I’m going through a Half-Life stage at the moment. I think I might actually play the games for the first time in years. By that I mean Half-Life, Opposing Force, and Blue Shift.

You can even check out some stuff about the Half-Life 2 beta on wikia while you’re at it.



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