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BioShock 2 Preorder Deals at Amazon and Direct2Drive

BShock1 BioShock 2 is releasing next month, and needless to say everyone is talking about it. And now, as we get closer to the day, Amazon as well as some digital distribution services have come up with some good deals for people who preorder the game from them.

Let’s start with Amazon’s preorder deal:

This is sadly only for the PS3 version of the game, but if you preorder the BioShock 2 special edition, you’ll get a big daddy costume for PlayStation Home. It’s a model of the prototype big daddy that you’ll play as in BioShock 2. Not just any old Big Daddy.

On the plus side, even though the Big Daddy costume is only for the PS3 version, the Special Edition is still available for Xbox 360 and PC. Stuff that’s included in the edition: an art book, posters, an audio recording and more.

And now for Direct2Drive’s offer:

If you preorder BioShock 2, then you get the first game free! That saves you $20 right there. Plus you also get 10% off the price of BioShock 2. It may not be the special edition, but it sounds like a better deal to me.

BioShock 2 at Direct2Drive: Preorder, save 10%, and get BioShock for free! icon


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