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Flash: Aliens vs. Predator Kill Moves Trailer

Aliens vs. Predator Kill Moves Trailer

They’re right when they talk about this trailer: it is absolutely brutal, and I’m very surprised that it was allowed to be shown on The Verge recently. Then again, they have a lot of outrageous stuff on that channel.

Anyway, like the name suggests, in this Aliens vs. Predator trailer, you will run through a pretty short, blindingly fast look at some of the insane kills you’ll be able to execute as each species: The Predator, the alien, and the marine. The best ones likely belong to the first two mentioned above though.

There’s lots of screaming, bleeding, and do doubt, killing, going on, and it’s the first trailer I’ve seen in a long time that made me smile evilly, as the Predator cackles at the end after impaling a Xenomorph on his wrist blades. Just awesome.



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