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Tramell Isaac’s The Wild Ride: Part IV

…or Part Foe as he would say.

If you can stomach all the jive talk in the post, and if you aren’t a hater (towards DNF or 3DR), then you might like to read it. This is the fourth part in a series of posts on what it was like to work at 3D Realms, developing Duke Nukem Forever, written by Tramell Isaac, the former Art Director on the project.

“ENTER BRIAN HOOK (insert wu-tang sound effects). Ok for those that don't know Brian Hook, he had a reputation for being somewhat of a d-bag. I say that with the utmost respect because I love the guy. But that was then and this was now...BHook is not a d-bag. We couldn't have gotten as far as we did without him and 'that's my word son'. Bottom line, he has a strong personality, he's a get it done (right), no BS kind of dude. He was the perfect guy for the job. Brian knew what was broken and exactly how to fix it. Insert screw-driver and turn clockwise....DONE! Brian helped us shave the b-jive and focus on what needed to get done.”

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