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Original Gordon Freeman Model Unveiled

New Year’s Eve

I read this on Digg originally. Have a look at this character:


                              That’s one ugly son of a monkey!

Apparently this was the original model for Gordon Freeman in Half-Life. You can just see here that the game truly did use the Quake engine (yes, with elements of Quake II, yada yada). As you can see, the HEV suit is yellow with “Research” printed on the back. Of course in the final release of Half-Life the HEV suit was orange. Most of the design is the same though.

I don’t know whether they would actually hire someone with a beard like that. I’m sure this guy would be mistaken for the lab specimens all the time.

Comparisons have been made to other characters, including Beast from X-Men, a typical lumberjack, a Viking, and Zangief from Street Fighter.

Gordon Freeman as we now know him may be mute, but at least he’s a little good looking, besides having glasses.


So Easy a Gordon Freeman Could Do It (Original Game Model)



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