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NAG Magazine is out now in Cape Town

On the official website of NAG magazine, they stated that non-subscribers in Cape Town would only be able to pick up the latest January issue on 7th January 2010, when other people were able to obtain it on the 24th of December. But I happened to go down to my local 711 today and I found that the issue was in. It was delivered on the 30th of December - yesterday.

So, all that stuff about having to wait until next year is false. It was only about a few days to a week’s delay. So, if you’ve been waiting for it, go and get it!

There is one thing you can all look forward to on the 7th of January 2010 however: if you’re a student in school, that’s when your matric exam results come out. I hope my neighbour fails. Spoiled little brat. Then again if he passes, at least his daddy will send him off to college or varsity and I’ll be rid of him.

Anyway, I guess after the whole New Year’s weekend is over, I’ll have a post written up detailing my impressions of the magazine and the Cover DVD and so on.



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