World destruction comes in small shrink-wrapped packages...


The Sims 3: World Adventures lets you Build Tombs and Torture Chambers

More details have been revealed about this expansion for one of the year’s biggest titles.

The Sims series may not appeal to most hardcore, manly gamers who say “That’s for sissies, I want to kill things!” but it’s still has a major following. Most Sims expansions have been “cute”, but didn’t really ever add anything that mind-blowing, apart from a few new objects and stuff. World Adventures may just change that perception though.

World Adventures has a new basement tool. Now, you can build a basement level in The Sims 3, just like you could in The Sims 2, but it required planning. If you built a house and only later decided to build a basement, it could mean problems. I’ve never tried multiple levels before, so I’m not sure if you can, but this pack seems to suggest you can’t, seeing as this new basement tool provides you with the means to create multiple underground levels. And not only that, but the underground theme continues, as there will be new objects and even traps to decorate the place with. So, if you’re a big fan Indiana Jones, or of games like Thief: The Dark Project, Tomb Raider, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, and other such games which involve tomb-raiding, then this should be quite exciting news. There’s even a Tomb Fogger which creates, well, fog for your tomb. And in addition to this, you can have hidden stair ways, secret passages, and treasure chests, as well as more!

The expansion will be out on November 17th.


The Sims 3 expansion pack has tools for underground construction


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