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More Hints About new Medal of Honor Game

There have been rumours going around for the past year and a half or two about a new Medal of Honor game on the way. First piece is here, which was posted last year at BigDownload, and claimed of rumours that the new MoH game would follow suit after Call of Duty and venture in to the modern warfare genre.

The second piece is here, where EA actually talked about having plans for the game, but didn't reveal much besides that.

The latest piece I've read, is concerning a tip-off from superannuation, which pointed to a slideshow from Production Road. I thought upon clicking through, "What the hell is this?", but on page 7 of the slide show, I saw what all the fuss was about: an officially unannounced Medal of Honor game for multiple platforms, including PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. No PC! cry

I hope that little mistake is rectified.

The last MoH game I played in-depth was Allied Assault, even though there have been other titles after that in the series.

So I suppose the new title might come out in 2010 or 11.



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