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CGR Hubs Updated: Blood and Duke Nukem 3D

I got some warnings in my account on HubPages that a couple of my hubs had broken links. I checked it out, and the Blood article's ZBlood video was no longer available on YouTube, so I replaced it with another. I also saw that the Blood Pool, Monolith's web ring of Blood fansites and such is gone.

Then it was on to the Duke Nukem 3D article where I saw that another link, this time leading to Matt Saettler's website was broken. Matt Saettler, to the best of my knowledge is one of the pioneers that helped form Duke Nukem 3D ports like EDuke32 with his original EDuke.

Just a few interesting tidbits I thought. I'm not going to rush about it and claim that the websites are completely gone, but they are down, if anyone cares.


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