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Not Another List: 6 Canceled Video Games That Could Have Changed The World, and More DNF myths

Yes, this is another list based on video games, this time called: "6 Canceled Video Games That Could Have Changed The World".

I bet you can guess which one is on there. wink

Dungeon Keeper 3 - War for the Overworld

Fallout 3 (Project Van Buren)

Starcraft Ghost

Warcraft Adventures

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

None of these games would have "changed the world", and even if they did, I didn't care much about them, but perhaps the last one on the list:

Duke Nukem Forever (Did you guess it?)

Duke Nukem Forever myths and errors contained in the article:

"DNF started with the original Quake engine"- they were just experimenting, and making mock-ups, or bullshots, before using id Tech 2 (Quake II, which is what they really wanted)

"rumors said they even toyed with Doom 3 engine"- Wrong. This was a rumour started by Take-Two, and was denied by 3DR.

"3D Realms hit bankruptcy earlier this year"- Wrong. They let go of the DNF team, but many sites claimed that they had shut down, which 3DR denied.

"Take Two still has the rights to develop Duke Nukem Forever"- Wrong. They have the publishing rights only.



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