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Victoria's Secret Revealed: Gabe Newell

Recently I read a story about how Gabe Newell, head of Valve Software, ended up in a Victoria's Secret contest- and got second place, for a while.

It's a crazy story, and I also read that the guy who supposedly is the head of the gaming clan who put Gabe up there, got to first place.

Naturally they were both taken down.

That'll teach Gabe to make everyone wait for Half-Life 2: Episode 3 without even so much as a sneak peak at E3 this year. I guess it's also retaliation for bringing Left 4 Dead 2 too soon. Now I wonder what that L4D2 boycott group over at Steam will come up with to embarrass old Gabe?

Sources& Resources:

Gabe Newell booted from Victoria's Secret contest
Gabe Newell Was Second Place in Victoria's Secret Contest



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