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Not Another List: Best Game Over Screens

Lists- it's a love hate relationship with most.

They usually don't require a lot of reading, and get straight to the point. And people get excited when something they know, in this case, a game that they've played, is on a list.

Others hate lists because it's one person's opinion, and because their favourite game might not be mentioned on the list.
I've even received criticism due to some of my lists.

I usually avoid lists because of some of the above reasons, but I may have had a change of heart. Now I get to be the one reviewing (hating on) video game lists.

So, this list I'm talking about now is one I read just now, and it's called "Best Game Over Screens". It could have been good, and I agree about Mortal Kombat 4's "ending", and that Colonel Campbell's scream when Solid Snake kicks the bucket in MGS is awesome- but the rest...

Call me a fan, but one gave over screen that should definitely have made onto this list somewhere is that of ROTT, or Rise of the Triad.

This screen rocks, and not only that but the music which plays during the screen is called "You Suck", which is one of the best on the entire soundtrack, and is also what an anonymous voice says when you lose a life, or die for good, which is when you get this screen above.

For an in depth view of great video game endings, check this site.

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Best Game Over Screens
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