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ZeniMax Buys id Software= Bethidsda

This is the latest big news doing the rounds:

Bethesda's parent company, ZeniMax, bought the legendary id Software, which was independent for eighteen years until recently, and responsible for some of the most ground-breaking games of all time. Think Wolfenstein 3D- the grandaddy of FPS titles, Doom, and Quake, and the successors in each of those series. Not to mention the idTech engines which have been used by many games.

John Romero, one of the co-founders of id Software, was initially appauled at the whole situation, calling it "disgusting", but later changing his tune and apologising for his earlier comments:

"ZENIMAX??????? Disgusting."

"Fallout 3 bought DOOM. Wow."

"I am positive about the Zenimax deal. My initial reaction was harsh. Sorry."

"I guess I was shocked and sad to see the id Software of old changed forever today. It's a new day and a new id."

This whole situation won't affect any of id's games in development, like Wolfenstein (by Raven), or Rage, or Doom 4. Part of the reason why id made the deal with ZeniMax was apparently so they could enlarge their studio, and develop more of their games internally, a concern of some of the publishers id has talked to. In the past, a few companies such as Grey Matter, Neversoft, Activision, Splash Damage, and Raven have handled the making of some id's games.

Some might scream "id sold out!", but others claim that it's a good situation as far as the fans are concerned, as more games might be developed, and might come out sooner too. Others think of the possibilties as far as Bethesda and id Software as a joint venture are concerned- not that it will happen, but still. Speaking of which, Fallout 3 is being credited as helping to seal the deal between the two companies.


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