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Michael Jackson has Passed Away

Michael-jackson-vector-2I learned this morning that Michael Jackson, the king of pop, died yesterday. He was 50. The official cause of death still has to be determined, but some claim it was a heart attack. His family however, claims it was due to an overdose on Demerol.

Jackson led a life plagued with difficulties, including being diagnosed with vitiligo, a skin disease, as well as lupus. He underwent numerous surgeries on his face, and was rumoured to have suffered from anorexia nervosa. And not to mention the allegations of being a child-molester.

Michael is well known for having received the nickname of "Wacko Jacko" from cruel journalists.

Apart from all the jokes about Michael Jackson, the person, one can't deny that he was definitely an incredible performer, and such a big influence on music.

People are saying that a star from the 80s, an icon, has faded, once and for all.sad


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