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Apocalypse Then: Korean War Begins

On this day in history, the Korean War, technically one of the longest wars in history, started in 1950. Even though major hostilities stopped with the signing of an armistice, this conflict from the cold war era continues to this day.

Many refer to the war in the 1950s as the "The Forgotten War" or "The Unknown War", since it took place between World War 2 and the Vietnam War, which both garnered much more attention.

Combat flared up again in the 60s and 70s in what is known as the Second Korean War.

This year North Korea pulled out of the armistice and is now threatening nuclear war against the United States.

There have been only a few video games that have featured the Korean War, the most recent one called Korea: Forgotten Conflict.

Others include:

Mig Alley
Sabre Ace: Conflict Over Korea
Twin Calibre: 688 Attack Sub + Chuck Yeager's Air Combat
Conflict: Korea the First Year 1950-1951
Chuck Yeager's Air Combat
MacArthur's War: Battles for Korea

Maybe it's about time we had a good game based on the Korean War?



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