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Obsidian's Alien RPG Project is Dead

After a long silence on the subject, it's been revealed that this game will likely never be seen. Earlier this month, it was said that it was still in development, but the Alien RPG, rumoured to be called Alien: Crucible has been cancelled.

The other two Alien games, Alien vs Predator and Aliens: Colonial Marines, an FPS and tactical FPS respectively, are still scheduled for a 2010 release, with the former getting a lot of attention. It was showcased at E3 2009 recently.

I still think part of the reason why the Alien RPG was cancelled was because of other projects on Obsidian's plate, like Fallout: New Vegas, among others. It's a shame, since I would have looked forward to playing it, but it was basically just another vapourware title which was kept on the shelf, gathering dust for years.


Obsidian's Aliens RPG Officially Nuked from Orbit


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