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The Wish Granter: A sequel to Quake I

I know that the likelihood of this ever happening is virtually zero percent, but this is my blog, and I can dream if I want. Do you remember the first Quake and how utterly weird it was and yet so cool at the same time?

After that Quake II came out and the series direction completely changed. In fact, Quake II was originally just a working title, and id Software wanted to go with other names but couldn’t secure any of them and so they stuck with Quake II for that reason and another: it was an established brand.

So what we now know as the Quake series of games: Quake II, Quake 4, and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, might have been known by another name entirely if things has worked out the way they wanted.

Now what I want is a sequel to the original game, Quake: Part II, even though that possibility was denied years ago. It’s been over ten years since then and people can change their minds. I found the weird and wacky worlds of Quake to be so fear-provoking and awesome that I want to go back.

Yes, we had the expansions, but the game is in need of a sequel or at least a remake of sorts.
It's a game universe that has so much potential and yet it's just fallen by the wayside.



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