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BioShock Getting Stocked

Not only is there BioShock 2 in development, scheduled for a Q4 2009 release, but in addition to the BioShock film (to be directed by Gore Verbinski, and currently on hold), but now there's talk of a BioShock novel as well. And of course it's got Ken Levine's name slapped on it, which doesn't necessarily mean he'll write it, but that he'll contribute to it.

I still wish they'd bring the System Shock series back.

I tried my hand at writing a BioShock short story quite a while back, called Rebirth, but I haven't worked on it in a while. Here's a sample:

“Listen dude, it’s like this, now listen closely.” He said, while dragging on a cigarette, “You’ve got the reds, you’ve got the blues and you’ve got the tonics. They all work together. You shoot the reds, that’s the first step, then you shoot a tonic, then every once in a while you need to shoot a blue.”

“Have you tried any of this stuff?” I asked, feeling nervous on the inside.

“Number one rule dude; don’t try your own supply.” He said, after which he took another drag and squinted his eyes, then exhaling, the smoke billowing up and lassoing around the ceiling fan. “Now, all of this isn’t free, and I don’t take responsibility for what might happen to you. Apparently, I hear some of these dudes become so wired…” he said, and then changing his mind in mid-sentence, waved it off and turned his head, almost guiltily. “Look, I’ll start you off; $300 for a red, a plasmid, and three blues. Just try it out, dude. Come back and see me when you need a fix, cool?” he said, holding out his hand, greasy, no doubt from running it through his long frizzy hair.

“Okay.” I agreed, meeting his hand over the table, grasping it firmly, feeling it squirm in the aforementioned grease. A man over in the corner went in to the back room with the dealer, known only as Teddy.

I sat there, feeling as if I had just sold my soul to the devil. Except Teddy wasn’t the devil- he just unwittingly introduced people to him.




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