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Duke Nukem 3D Dukeism HD Recordings and new Grabbag Remix reports that Clint Basinger has made some a sound pack for the Duke 3D HRP (high resolution pack) or Duke Plus (mod for Duke 3D HRP). It's a HD replacement of Jon St.John's samples that are played throughout the game. Some are quite good, and others are just funny and make you blush. I'd say it's a good attempt, but there was too much blowing into the microphone sometimes. I wonder if the original files, which are VOC, can be converted and clarified a bit. I've seen it done for other games, but it might take too much time or be too hard.

There have been numerous covers of Lee Jackson's Grabbag, and an artist known as Liquid has updated one of his mixes. This one isn't so good. To me, it sounds little to nothing like Grabbag at all.

Among some other artists that have covered this song are Gigadeth and Megadeth. Megadeth's one is used in the Duke Nukem Forever Demo Reel, and it's excellent.




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