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Grumpy Old Men: Console Wars over at TTLG

These two posts are so funny and yet so true as well. Most of us probably know about all this stuff anyway.

One guy goes on about how he hates the PC, and the other about why he hates consoles so much.
I've got the posts here, but I've had to edit out all the swearing.

If you want to see the full versions, you can follow the links below.

It made me laugh so hard reading these. Two angry old men just letting loose...

My Last Words as a Hardcore PC Gamer


I apologize, but I had to do that. It's what completely ruined my PC gaming experience.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Product Activation is where you have to activate your PC game online, and then you're only allowed to install it on a pathetically low number of computers. Then that's it. You can never install it again for the rest of your life.

Why that bothers me so much? Because I'm a game collector. I buy extra copies of console games as backups because I know I can't play burned backups on a console unless it's modded, and I don't want to have to go through that. For PC games, it's *was* much easier, because I can play burned backups on my computer without worrying about damaging the original copy.


In fact, we collectors HAVE A F@#KING RIGHT TO MAKE BACKUP COPIES FOR ARCHIVAL PURPOSES!! And now by doing this, they're denying us that right. Wondering who's doing the illegal practices now?

This last line has been deleted by the user."

My Last Words As A Casual Console Customer


I've been on the fence for a long time because I had a Sega and NES just like most kids. Fond memories of Mario, etc.

Because co-op games were becoming increasingly uncomfortable on the PC (try playing Lego Star Wars with a 60 lb. 7 year old in your lap), I broke down and bought the first console I've owned since the late 80's - a PS2. I was also curious to see what all the fuss was about.

Ten games and many saint-killing curses later, I am prepared to leave behind the days of casually mocking console gamers and b@tching about DRM and system requirements on PC games. I am now fully convinced that playing games on consoles is about the most retarded experience I've ever had in my life. And I've been chased across a Gaza strip farm by a herd of goats.

1) The graphics. I play Thief, so obviously I don't care about graphics, but seriously, I can't see a F@#KING thing on this piece of s#1t. It's blurry people. It's VERY BLURRY. We got Lego Batman a few weeks ago and you can't play the damn thing because you can't tell what anything is. It's like looking through the bottom of the 15th bottle of beer. Who the hell can stand to look at this s#1t?

2) Games - the available games suck. ADMIT IT GUYS, THEY SUCK. Even the ones that are also available for PC have been modified so that someone in a coma can play them. AND HOW MANY F@#KING VERSIONS OF NAASCAAAR 200X can any one person possibly play in a lifetime. YOU ARE PRETENDING TO DRIVE A F@#KING CAR.

3) There's not enough buttons. There are no tutorials. The save systems suck. I have to play in the living room where the light of a thousand suns glare on the screen even if I close the blinds. Games for kids are ridiculously hard, games for adults are annoyingly simple. I HAVE TO TELL IT I WANT TO QUIT ON 5 DIFFERENT MENU SCREENS. I'M LATE, LET ME QUIT THE F@#KING GAME.

So I've finally taken a side and no offense if you love consoles, but I say F@#K F@#K F@#K console gaming. I hate it and I will NEVER convert. And don't tell me an XBox is better because if the PC ports I've seen are any indication, it's more a POS than the PS system. Give me patches, Secu-ROM hacking, and shelling out $200 for new cards every few years over this nightmare."




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