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Games I want: Unreal 3

I was wondering about something the other day, and I decided to investigate a little bit: will there be an Unreal 3?

The answer for the moment seems to be “no”, with no official plans that anyone knows off, and if you Google it, you’ll most likely be inundated with results that show
Unreal Tournament 3. Not only this, but on some forums, if you look for Unreal 3 threads, you’ll get some humans, that even after explaining your case, will still assume that you obviously mean Unreal Tournament 3 and not Unreal 3 without the Tournament. They just assume that you must automatically mean that, and that you’re a noob for not including the “T” word in there.

What I mean, and I’m sure others will want to clarify this to other people too, is that I want to see a sequel to Unreal, the first game, or possibly Unreal II: The Awakening.

It’s been years, and it’s a shame that this seems to be the case: that Unreal branched off into another franchise, that being the Unreal Tournament series, and that nobody has even bothered to think about the single-player anymore, with it essentially having just become one of those multi-player games that you find a new release of every other year. Why? Probably because multi-player games are more popular; in fact, I wouldn’t be that surprised if they announced an Unreal MMORPG sooner that an Unreal 3.

What happened to Unreal, the “Quake killer”, the game that “ate Quake II as a snack”? It had an excellent story and the graphics were great for its time. Strangely, I even dreamed of Unreal before I even played it. In the dream I had that ripper weapon that shoots the blades out everywhere and they can bounce off of walls and decapitate enemies. The original game was even left on a cliffhanger when the player was left drifting in space in an escape pod of sorts.

I think a great solution that would satisfy everyone is this: develop Unreal 3 along with an Unreal Tournament 2010 (you know there will be), and released them together. That way, people will buy it for the multi-player game and they can get this other thing called a ‘single-player game’ as well.

One studio could focus on Unreal Tournament 3 and another Unreal 3, so we don’t get any of that, “Oh, the single-player was just an afterthought”- just like Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament.

And just like in the forums, if anyone says, “Yeah, Unreal 3 is out now”, meaning Unreal Tournament 3, I’m going to scream as loudly as possible over the internet at them.

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