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Friday the Thirteenth!

Games I want: A proper Terminator game

Since 1990, there have been 24 Terminator video games released for many different consoles, and strangely, I can only remember playing one of these, T2: The Arcade Game, developed by Midway in 1991, which I used to play down at the local arcade.

There is a 25th title in the works, set to be released this year to coincide with the latest Terminator: Salvation movie. This just smells of a cash-in though, and remember the last time, when Terminator 3: War of the Machines was rushed to be released in time for the movie project’s release. It was junk, according to reviews.

Terminator: Salvation, the movie, is going to come out on May 22nd this year, and the game around the same time, probably. The only thing is that The Halcyon Company, who now owns the rights to the Terminator series, is developing the game through their game studio, Halcyon Games, as well as overseeing the film production, so you just know it’s going to suck. This always happens when they try to balance more than one project at the same time instead of giving just one the attention it deserves.

They could have chosen to go with a reputable outside company, but they chose to develop it internally, just to add to the suck. And who knows? The film might suck too.

What happened to The Terminator? The first two were some of my favourite films of all time.



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