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Games I want (this year): Aliens: Colonial Marines

I watched the excellent 1979 classic, Aliens, last night.

It's funny how with all the raving about modern technology and CGI effects, along with promises to stay true to the series and the 'feel',  the latest films, like AvP and AvP 2, always seem to suck.

There are two new Aliens games due out this year. One is Aliens: Colonial Marines under development by Gearbox Software, and the other is an Aliens: RPG project by Obsidian. Aliens:CM was rumoured to be out in Q1 this year; we’re all ready in February and this quarter ends in March. Other sites’ scheduled release dates predict a Q2 release date for 2009.

I find it quite disgraceful that the Alien: RPG is still officially unnamed, and I first read about both games two years ago at the beginning of 2007.

I sincerely hope that both these games are good.



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