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Games I want to see: Ultimate Survival

I was just watching a lot of programs on TV during the week, mostly Ultimate Survival, Bushcraft, and Survivorman, and I thought, what an interesting game that would make!

Think about it: you take Far Cry 2 with its graphics, along with the weapons and gameplay, and add an interesting story, but the emphasis of the game would be surviving in the wild. You would collect food, make shelters and learn how to deal with the harsh conditions of being out in the wilderness. You could travel to jungles, rainforests, mountains, deserts, and snow-covered wastes among other locales.

Perhaps the protagonist could be a special forces soldier or a mercenary going on missions that require adapting to the environment and conditions.

All I know is, if you wanted to take the game seriously, it couldn't star these people:

Ray Mears- too fat, and would exhaust the landscape of all natural food sources, killing all the local fauna. Speaking of which, it's his birthday today! Don't eat too much cake, tubby.

Les Stroud- too bald, and would waste too much time searching for a natural cure for hair loss.

Bear Grylls- too positive and happy, and would force players to throw him off a cliff and watch him fall to his death.

Mike Rowe- too in love with himself, and would insist that there are more FMVs with the camera focusing on his face.



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