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Games I want this year: Duke Nukem Forever

"I can't take all this sitting around any more! What are you waiting for? Christmas?"- Duke

I recently posted something concerning the Duke Nukem Forever Wallpaper Pack that was released just before Christmas last year, and how I was kind of let down when I downloaded it. They could have at least put different ones in there, but in total, there were six of the same wallpaper, just at different resolutions.

So, this is the first game on my “Games I want this year” wish list.

Duke Nukem Forever has been in development for ages now, and I think they should just bring it out this year, even if they sit around a table and George Broussard or Scott Miller announces, “Listen up people, we’re bringing out DNF for Christmas this year.” For once, they should actually have something called a ‘deadline’.

They should just stick with the engine they have, stick with the main plot and features and all that, and just work as hard as possible and finally GET IT OUT. It doesn’t matter if the game isn’t perfect; what do you think patches are for? Other development studios aren’t worried about releasing a half-baked game like S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky for instance, and look how many patches they’ve put out. Let’s see, we’re up to 1.5.08, I think? Some games have patches and other updates released for years afterwards, and so there’s reason that they could released DNF, and put out the odd patch out every now and again, while working on whatever they have lined up next (they do have something else in mind, right?).

It’s not that hard 3D Realms, and don’t say it is. You’ve had over ten years, and half my life I’ve waited for this game. I'm not the only one either.

If you wait any longer, then Jon St. John’s Duke Nukem impression will sound really limp and old. We don’t want an old Duke Nukem.

And if the game isn't as perfect as you wanted and sucks in the end, then won't you feel better that you wasted only twelve years and not twenty?



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