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Worthwhile PC games coming out in February 2009

February 10, 2009 - F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

This is the sequel to F.E.A.R., and it should be a cracking good game. I’m not too sure about the release date (R.D.), because in some magazine adverts, it states ‘end of February’.

February 19, 2009 - Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II 

For those who are fans of the Warhammer series. I’m not particularly one of them.
February 20, 2009 - The Sims 3 

February 20, 2009 - The Sims 3 Collector's Edition
For desperate housewives, wannabe interior decorators and architects everywhere.

February 24, 2009 - The Godfather II

The first one was boring, unimaginative, and smelled of a cash- in. I hope this one is better. It’s likely they’ll bring out a Godfather III to match the film trilogy, unless this one bombs.

February 24, 2009 - ShellShock 2: Blood Trails

I saw the trailer for this game, and it looks pretty awesome. I didn’t play the first game though. They’ve made the switch from third person to first person shooter, and it looks tons more exciting.



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