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Looking for game resources?

Have you ever been dying to find resources for your favourite games? Have you ever browsed through forums or tried to search the net unsuccessfully? Of course you have, and still do, and you will for years to come!

That’s why I decided to come in with my Classic Games Resurrected project on
My plan is to write an article for as many games from the 90s as I can, detailing what it’s like to play the old games as they were when they were first brought out, or as near as possible, and what is available on the net today to revitalize them a bit.

I’ve also got another project on there that covers the newer games that have come out, like
Fallout 3 for instance.

It’s not entirely true to call it a review; maybe a retrospective ‘then-and-now’ is better. I set them out similarly to Wikipedia, but with more in the way of external links and resources. I’ve read that some people call it an informational resource, which I can live with.

I try to google as much of the information as possible, or sometimes I have to use a bit of ingenuity and follow trails of certain sites that have suspiciously disappeared. I make a habit of checking my links to see if that site is still in existence.

If you ever need something for a game, then try out my articles. The write up includes the ‘then and now’ approach to the game in question, like Doom
for example, and then there is a plethora of links at the bottom of the page as well. So there, problem solved, and I do all the searching for you!

Here’s what I try my absolute best to find on the net:

Demos, patches and other updates, mods, maps and add-ons, prequels, sequels, source ports, high resolution packs, sound, music, pictures, screenshots, wallpapers, videos and trailers, cheats, Easter eggs, FAQs, trainers and walkthroughs, desktop themes and other websites of interest.

That’s quite a list, and it usually takes quite a while to find it all.

In addition to all that, there are also pictures, videos, the game’s box image, developer and release information, a list of every game in the that game’s franchise, as well as links to Amazon, where you can pick up the games and other extras and collectibles that you want to get your hands on.

So don’t forget to check out regularly. I try to put a new page up every now and again.



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