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When it’s dumb: Duke Nukem Forever

There’s been a new wallpaper pack released for Duke Nukem Forever recently, and I got it off the NAG cover DVD.

As you can see from left to right, they are: What looks like a Battlelord, the Octabrain, an Enforcer, a Pig Cop, Cycloid Emperor and what looks like an alien trooper. It looks kind of goofy, in my opinion.

This was apparently released just in time for Christmas. I wish instead of this, they’d released the actual game. Think about how many sales they would have made. It would have overshadowed practically any other title on the market.

2009 marks twelve years since DNF was officially first announced in April 1997, although 3D Realms claims that actual development only began later. Promotional media for the game was released in one form or another in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2007, and 2008.

Remember the trailer in 2001 from E3? The game looked awesome with the Unreal engine, and for the time, I thought it would have been an excellent game. Just think, they could have released it, brought out a sequel by now, and possibly even started on a new game.

I will try my best to hold back my venom when I play the game and write one of my RRR articles for it, when and if it is actually released. It won’t be perfect, even though Joe Siegler claims that’s what they were aiming for all along, and I will think long and hard about deducting 10 points out of a hundred right off the bat for taking so long with it.



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