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2009/01/29 hanging by a thread has run into a little trouble as of late. I’ve been a member of the site for about a year and a half and over the last weekend I couldn’t access it or thief-the at all. It looks like they're going cap in hand on this one. This piece should explain it all.

“Ok, here's the skinny.

The server has gone down, and I don't know why. Saam, who along with Digi, is one of the founders of TTLG and hosts the site on his business line for free. It's on it's own server, but because we have no income, it is little more than a standard PC, and for the last week or so it's been a bit flaky.

Anyway, Saam appears to have gone AWOL as of Wednesday, and the server went down on Thursday. It also appears that his cell phone is off. And to make matters slightly worse, I am on the other side of the planet.

Anyway, once Saam returns, gives the server a kick, TTLG should come back online.

We will then be looking for some donations (which I hate doing) to move TTLG to a commercial host along with all the other sites and stuff in the text file I wrote that someone posted earlier ( ) including giving the donators something in return. Email addresses, hosting, custom titles, FM Beta Forums, custom colourschemes - that sort of thing.

We may have some money in our account already, but Saam controls that and I don't know the status of it. I bought the recent forum upgrade myself as Saam wasn't around then, so it could be empty, or it may have a few bucks in it.

The hosting I am looking it is a dedicated server with root access, 4GB of RAM, 2TB of transfer on a shared 100mbps connection. Ideal for TTLG and my various plans. Or it would be if it wasn't for the £120 a month charge. Thankfully this i a good time to be buying UK hosting as the £ is doing so badly against the dollar and the euro it makes donating cheaper! £10 = €10/$13, whereas in 2007 £10 = €15/$20

Finally, the usual temporary forum is not up as I foolishly did not renew the hosting thinking I would not need it until I redid my own site, AwesomeExpress. What a stupid idea that turned out to be.

I know this sucks, and I'm terribly sorry. I find it incredibly frustrating to be sitting here in the UK utterly powerless to do anything to bring TTLG back.”- David

Update: It looks as though they've raised $ 4000! That's pretty good in only a few days. It just shows how much they appreciate one another's...erm, company on those forums.



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