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My Time as a Video Game Character: Duke Nukem

DukenukemII This time it was once again in the 90’s when I was in school and at the time, Duke Nukem was my hero. Seriously. Others has Superman, Batman, or Spiderman – I had Duke friggin’ Nukem.

The one year I was invited to a birthday party which was hosted in the school’s assembly hall with the headmaster’s permission, probably.

It was kind of awkward that day seeing as I had friend over at my house, and he wasn’t invited to the party, yet I was.

Anyhow. Dressing up as Duke Nukem is pretty easy, and I think at the time I hadn’t even heard of, let alone played Duke Nukem 3D – only the first two games. And so I put on some blue jeans, and a red shirt with the sleeves rolled up over my shoulders, and even had the metal bicep rings, or whatever you call them, although they were made of some flimsy material, and kept falling down my arms all the time.

I even had the gun. It was this machinegun which looked similar to the one from Wolf 3D, and made a clacking noise when you pulled the trigger. The only thing I didn’t have was the sunglasses. Duke Nukem didn’t have those until Duke 3D in any case.

I was driven down to the school and went inside to the hall where I met up with some other friends of mine who actually were invited. One of them was dressed up as one of his favourite wrestlers – Henry “H.O.G.” Godwinn. He had the chains wrapped around his shoulder and everything.

We naturally got in to a wrestling match right there and then. It was Duke Nukem versus Henry Godwinn – and the son of a b*tch nearly broke my thumb. He dropped right down on my hand and thumb, and I had the most intense pain, which lingered for years afterwards.

Granted, I wasn’t as tough as old Duke, but I didn’t cry anyway.



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