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Keen Dreams: The Doom Effect


              You wouldn’t see a pretty boy like Shepard taking on the Cyberdemon

I usually note down some of the dreams I have, and keep the ones that are more original or intriguing to myself for use in one of my fiction efforts. Then you get the ones that are more clichéd and have been done to death. The events in this dream probably fall into this category.

It all started with me being the commander on a tank, possibly the Mako, rolling down streets and through buildings, taking out enemy troops. As we reached the crossroads of a section in the neighbourhood however, we were overwhelmed by soldiers who were taking cover behind the bushes, and they flanked us, taking out the vehicle – probably with some heavy weaponry.

Then we were led alongside the road, past all the prisoners of war that had been captured by the enemy, as they sat looking miserable on the grassy banks between the trees. The crew of the tank and I walked along this rode which was lined with ropes hanging from the trees – probably to execute those were unlucky enough to have been caught; to set an example.

But as we crossed the field, through the woods, and left the POWs behind, we came upon a cliff that had a cove of sorts within. We all jumped in to the water below and went inside. Ahead there was a portal of sorts.

We foolishly entered in to it and were swept off to another dimension where we saw the most horrific events unfolding. People being tortured, victimized, and impish creatures playing devilish pranks on unsuspecting inhabitants.

We’d stumbled into a hell of sorts. Not just a hell; the Hell.

Some of the group were captured, while the rest of us ran as fast as we could, trying to find a way out of this place. An undead creature of some sort got a hold of me and pulled me back as I tried to wrestle free from his clutches. Then it went black.

I woke up and I was back in the water again. Somehow what was left of the group had managed to escape and I assumed I had been rescued and was now back in the cove, on the other side of the portal this time, where we first entered.

I was treading water and trying to make my way to a ladder of sorts that was hanging from the cliff. I started to climb my way up, struggling all the while, only to reach the top, and see the ladder start to slip, and come loose. I fell back in the water, and it was a frantic, terrified effort to get to another ladder that was on the cliffside further down. I climbed up and this time I reached the top. We were safe – for now.

There was some machinery and equipment lying around in the cove, and it looked as though a small base of operations had been established there. There was a map* on a screen which clearly had the word “Contra” written on it and a diagram showing the portal. But we knew that in whatever language this was, it might as well have been a synonym for Hell. We knew firsthand because we’d seen the other side.

We’d gone in the @sshole of Hell, and come back out again… somehow alive.


* The map was similar to that of the Mass Effect map used in the game to travel to different planets and so on.

The Keen Dreams series is a AAA original, and is all about video games in dreams, and dreams in video games… and dream which involve stuff about video games.



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