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Super Street Fighter IV Delayed in SA, PC Version a Possibility

Super-Street-Fighter-IV LazyGamer found that by looking at a few local retailers’ listings, it seems as though Super Street Fighter IV will not make the April 27 release date that the rest of the world will enjoy.

After contacting Nu Metro, it was confirmed that the game will be arriving between April 30 and May 7, 2010. In fact more stores are listing the release date as the 7th of May. [1]

In related news, I found it interesting to note that the title may well come to PC. After all, Street Fighter IV did, but SSFIV is going to make it onto Capcom arcade machines, and it’s been said that these run on hardware based on Windows XP’s Taito X2 system, so it would apparently be quite easy to come up with a PC port. [2]

A release date for the arcade cabinets is believed to be July or August this year.



[1] Super Street Fight IV Could Be Delayed In South Africa [Lazygamer]

[2] Super Street Fighter IV Confirmed for Japanese Arcade Release; PC Version More Likely [shacknews]



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