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George Broussard Comments on 2010 “Official” DNF Trailer

He’s very cross
Another video clip of collected Duke Nukem Forever footage that was uploaded last year and came to our attention is purported by some to be “official”. This has created waves on the internet, and seems to have irked George Broussard of 3D Realms – the man behind the Duke.

“FYI gaming press. That "new" DNF trailer that's going around is not official. Someone used leaked footage from portfolio sites and cut their own trailer with official logos and it's fooling people. Not legit. Most of that voice in the trailer was done by whoever made the trailer. It's not Jon St. John.”

I’ve seen the trailer myself and I noticed right away. It’s not the Duke’s voice. And people are trying to fool others into thinking it’s official, even calling it an official release trailer. He also denied this when asked on Formspring:
“No. That second trailer is not official and is a low quality fan made trailer created out of some leaked footage a "fan" grabbed from a level designer portfolio site. The music and voice was all added by the video creator.”

So there you go. But I have to admit, besides the cr@ppy voice acting and sound, it was good seeing some new footage of the game. Some parts, like the one at the beginning with the gambling scene, reminded me of a scene from the E3 2001 where Duke was fiddling with a vending machine.

Sources: Twitter - Formspring


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