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Ninja Warrior now on iPhone

ninja-warrior-logo1 Oh, Ninja Warrior is such a scream to watch. It’s something that I happened to glance at on Animax one day, and I’ve been hooked ever since. And that led to me watching a whole host of other Japanese game shows of a similar sort – like Unbeatable Banzuke and Takeshi’s Castle.

I always thought it would make a good idea for a game, but the closest to it I’ve ever played was likely Mirror’s Edge. And that is said to be coming to the iPhone as a game as well.

Well now I was reading that Ninja Warrior, otherwise known as Sasuke in Japan, has been made into an iPhone game. Digital9, a developer of mobile games, did the honours. The game is called Sasuke Challenger, and it has worldwide leaderboards as well as English menus. Not sure if it has any of the Japanese commentary that accompanies the Japanese version of the show. Probably not. I couldn’t hear much because of the music playing.

There’s certainly a lot of moving about with that thing.


Source: Siliconera



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