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Police Quest Series Consultant, Daryl Gates, Dies at 83

gates I fondly remember playing the Police Quest games by Sierra many years ago. My cousin had most of them, and I would hog the computer while he had to sit and watch TV. I also recall the laugh I had with those old Sierra On-Line games where if you typed something like “F@$k you” then it would reply with a message like “same to you buddy”. Clever.

Anyhow, there was a consultant behind the games in the Police Quest and Police Quest: SWAT spin-off series known as Daryl Francis Gates, and he sadly passed away on Friday at the age of 83. He died of bladder cancer after a long battle with the disease.

Daryl was a former Chief of Police in the LAPD, who was criticized heavily during the Rodney King saga years ago and the riots in Los Angeles thereafter in the early nineties. He retired soon after. He served a total of 43 years in the LAPD. Gates is also considered the father of SWAT [Special Weapons And Tactics].

pq4swat             SWAT_2Swat3                                                  

He is credited with creating Police Quest IV: Open Season, the fourth game in the series, released in 1993, Police Quest: SWAT, otherwise known as Police Quest 5, as well as Police Quest: Swat 2 and Swat 3.


Source: Police Quest Game Consultant Daryl Gates Dies [1UP]



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