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Imp Gibs Mod, GIP, for Doom 3 Released


                                              “I hate you, you hate me.”

My old friend, Neurological, is a mainstay in the Doom community, having made some mods for Doom 3, as well as Wolfenstein, and possibly Quake 4, as well as making covers of the music in the original Doom games.

This is his latest mod for Doom 3. Do you remember Doom 3, and how after you killed the demons, their bodies would just disintegrate into ash? Neurological made a mod where the process of disintegration [instead of decomposition] is halted, and you can slice and dice their remains with your arsenal. He calls it the “Gibbable Imp Prototype”. It seems it’s exclusively for Imps, probably one of the most irritating creatures in any Doom title.

The nearest thing I’ve come across in a mod like this before, was in Enhanced Doom years ago, where the process was slowed down to allow more time before the process started. In vanilla Doom 3, the bodies vanished almost immediately sometimes.

You can get the mod with info here.


Source: Imp Gibbing Time! [Planet Doom]



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