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Gamer and Computer Business Man Murdered in Cape Town

scan0002 Conrad Griss, a 23 year-old man from Hout Bay, Cape Town, whose passion was video games and worked with his father from home in a computer business, was murdered on Friday morning.

In the early hours of Friday morning this week, Conrad was playing games in his house on the ground floor. Burglars broke into the house just after 01:30 AM, when Conrad grabbed a pellet gun and tried to confront the men. He hadn’t even been able to load the gun when one of the men took a knife and plunged it into his face, driving it down deeper into his head from the cheek.

Conrad’s father, Charles, woke up after hearing dogs barking and his son’s cries, and rushed downstairs, grabbed a chair, and raced towards the commotion, shouting and scared the men off, as he watched them break a window in the house in order to escape, much like they had in order to gain entry.

Despite his efforts, he couldn’t stop the intense bleeding from his son’s face - trying to stop the bleeding with a towel, while simultaneously phoning the police. He literally watched his son die in his arms.


Paramedics arrived on the scene 15 minutes later, at 01:45 AM, but couldn't resuscitate him. He’d lost too much blood.

Conrad Griss left school without a senior certificate or matriculation, and went into working for his father’s home-based computer business. Conrad’s favourite past time was playing video games.


Source: 'My son died in my arms' – requires registration to read [Cape Argus]



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