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NAG Online’s Website has Moved

NAGa Following an earlier post I made about NAG magazine’s website, known as NAG Online, I found out that the move has taken place. They are now at a new address, which reflects the magazine and company better I think.

Yes, while I was checking my news feeds today after updating them last night, I noticed that an unusual number of new posts were labelled as “new” or “unread”. That’s when I checked the web address from where the feeds were updating from, and it was not longer

It’s officially now just Just in case you were wondering. It’s funny, because in the past, if you entered in into the URL space in your browser, it would claim it was going to redirect you to Now it’s the correct address, and if you go to the old one, it doesn’t work at all. Confusing? Oh, well…


Source: NAG Online [new address]



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