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Call of Duty 7 Called “Black Ops”, Coming November, Details

COd It seems the new Call of Duty destined to arrive this year, as is the case every year, is rumoured to be named Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The game will not only take place in Vietnam as was suspected for many months if not a year or more, but will take place in operations that span from World War II to the present day, including The Cold War, Vietnam, Cuba, Iran, South America, and supposedly even one in London, which would be the infamous SAS mission that took place at the Iranian Embassy in 1980 – which nearly went south very quickly, with some botch-ups of note, from what I’ve seen on the History Channel.

The game is also said to have support for dedicated servers for the PC version of the game, where Modern Warfare 2 didn’t, and will bring back the Zombie mode from World at War, seeing as this title is also being developed by Treyarch, as was WAW.

The game is said to be arriving in November, 2010, as is customary or even traditional by now. Although one particular retailer, GAME, states that it might be October.

I can say that even though some, or even most, of these are rumours, it sounds exciting. Travelling through time, and playing with different gadgets and weapons. It’s going to be like every Call of Duty you’ve ever played crammed into one. Awesome.


Source: Rumour – Call of Duty 7 called Black Ops, gets zombie mode and dedicated servers, more [VG247]



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