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Makin’ Magic with Magic Set Editor

imageI know – a lame title there. But it’s something I’ve been messing around with lately, and that is Magic Set Editor. I first heard about this when I was reading the latest issue of NAG magazine the other day, where someone created a card using NAG’s badger mascot [sometimes called The Badginator], and decided to go online and look for it. I came across a sourceforge project page which allowed me to download either the lite or full version of the program. Naturally I opted for the complete download, which has all sorts of extras in it.

I was inspired to do this after playing a little game called Magic Gauntlet Karathin-Din the other day, which I also downloaded. I’ve always been somewhat fascinated with Magic: The Gathering as well, even though I’ve never really been able to get a hold of the cards. Back in those days at school, I didn’t have the money, although I will admit I did once purchase a pack of Pokémon cards.

Anyway, I went about working with this MSE and creating some cards just for fun.


As you can see, I’m a big fan of the old classic games.

You can get Magic Set Editor here. Currently it’s at version 2, or 0.3.8 Beta, but it’s from about a year ago. The program began development in 2007 by Twan van Laarhoven. It’s fun to just play around with and create some card with some great artwork that you can make or “borrow”.

Right now I’m just working on making cards that contain characters, protagonists from games, monsters, lands and other things all from video games.





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