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Modern Warfare 2 is (not) Surprisingly Short, Like Most FPSs Nowadays

I’ve read it online and I’ve heard it from other people: Modern Warfare 2 was too short.

My brother and I were talking lately and he happened to be pissed off. He said he finished Modern Warfare 2 in only several hours of playing and it was a total rip-off.

I started playing the game in the early hours of Saturday morning, and played a few sessions throughout that day and Sunday, and in the early hours of Monday morning, it was over.
I was really getting in to the game, and all of a sudden it stopped. I should have known that the ending with MacTavish lying on the floor with a knife sticking out of his chest and Shepard kicking the cr@p out of Price was the ending, but I was just so taken in to the game that I didn’t realize that soon the experience would end. I was kind of disappointed.

The thing is no Call of Duty game in history has ever been a long game. With practically every CoD game I’ve ever played, it only took me a few sessions over a period of 2 to 4 days (with breaks) to finish.

And to come across any game nowadays which takes more than several hours to finish is a rarity, besides Fallout 3 or something, which is an RPG. I’m talking about FPSs; shooters.

I mean, Wolfenstein was primarily an FPS with a few extra elements added in to the mix, and even though some claim it was boring, it still took me longer to finish than Modern Warfare 2.

Ever since the nineties, FPS games have evolved tremendously in several areas, but they have been getting shorter in lifespan for the most part. How many times have I played Duke Nukem 3D over the years, and how long did it take me to play through all four episodes of the Atomic Edition? More often, and much longer, to answer both questions.

Yes, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 does have the added bonus of Special Ops missions, some of which are more challenging than what was offered in the actual singleplayer, but once again, the main campaign is pretty short. If only the effort that went into these Special Ops missions was used to extend the singleplayer missions. Most of them were just outtakes from the campaign, but the suspension bridge one was fun.

Well, there is that DLC or expansion which revolves around Ghost that everyone is talking about now, so maybe there will be an extra few missions.


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