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Chaos Computers Technology Expo Running Until mid December

In local news, in the Tygerburger this week, I saw ad two adverts as well as the usual insert for Chaos Computers, advertising their currently happening "Expo Sure" that takes place from 19 November until 13 December.

"Chaos would like to introduce you to the latest in computer hardware, software, and accessories. We think beyond the hardware, plug-ins, and styrofoam packaging- constantly on the look-out for creative, game-changing solutions to meet your needs. Come test, experience and compare all the new computer gadgets a gizmos at the Centre Court of CapeGate Shopping Centre from 19 November to13 December 2009. It's our chance to turn the computer fuss into computer fun with an expo arena fully loaded for action."

This is the first time I've seen something like this run for nearly a whole month- usually it's a couple of days or so. You can also visit the
main website for the expanding retail chain and check it out.

Don't you think that little girl in the advert is just pathetic? Not her, but the look on her face. As if she cares about all this stuff. This stuff is for the boys and men!



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