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Bioshock 2 Box Art Revealed

I'm a big fan of video game box art, and recently I took a look at Mass Effect 2's latest effort. Despite the box art being kind of "ho-hum", I wouldn't be discouraged, and decided to take a look at Bioshock 2's new box art.

It's not bad, and features the prototype Big Daddy, different from the usual big daddies, which you'll play as in Bioshock 2, as well as one of the creepy Little Sisters on the thing's back.

From the art and such I've seen of the game, it looks as though there will be different variations of Big Daddies, and even a Big Sister too.

It also looks as though they'll be sticking with Bioshock 2, and not "Sea of Dreams" as a subtitle, which I think might have actually been better.

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