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Modern Warfare 2 Infamy Trailer Becomes Infamous

The trailer's name, "Infamy" sounds like more than coincidence. They knew that it would get this response.
Nobody is really surprised. We saw it coming.

The only thing is that I thought that politicians would be attacking the trailer, but it seems as though the religious types have gotten upset as well.

And it's not just because of the words uttered by the narrator, apparently paraphrased from the big book itself, the bible (which some have commented doesn't fit the trailer), but also the destruction of DC was also a little bit annoying to them.

A lot of people have pointed out, and this makes sense, that Fallout 3 took place in a ravaged DC, known as the "Capital Wasteland", or just "the wastes". Although this game too did receive some flack about the content.

“one thing stands out: the gallant mansion reduced to rubble doesn’t belong to some crazed separatist dictator hellbent on all kinds of nefarious acts. Instead, it’s the White House. The scenes of post-apocalyptic scenes of carnage play out not in some fictional town in eastern Europe, but in Washington D.C. itself."

Yeah, that crazed dictator is gone, but now some do refer to Obama as the Anti-Christ.

And besides, I bet that some guys and gals over in the Middle East didn't approve of the stereotypical Muslim terrorists being slaughtered on their own turf in the first Modern Warfare, otherwise known as Call of Duty 4. But then, nobody cares about that. Nobody complained then- at least no religious, conservative Americans did.



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