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It’s Your Birthday: Dale Dye

Dale Dye
On October 8th, 1944, Dale Dye was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He turns 65 today.
Due to being poor and not being able to afford college fees he enrolled in and later graduated from Missouri Military Academy. After this he served in the United States Marine Corps for twenty years, including two tours (1964–1965 and 1967–1970) as a Marine Correspondent in Vietnam where he fought in 31 major combat operations. Medals he obtained in the war included three purple hearts (awarded to those who sustain injuries), and the bronze star.

For most of his military career he was an NCO (non-commissioned officer) or enlisted Marine, rising to the rank of Master Sergeant. During the 70s he was chosen to attend Officer Candidate School and was appointed warrant officer. He later converted his commission and was promoted to captain.

Dale also served in the Beirut Peacekeeping Force during the 80s.

Dale has worked for Soldier of Fortune magazine, trained troops in guerrilla warfare in the countries of El Salvador and Nicaragua, and founded Warriors, Inc. where he not only started helping train actors but also began his Hollywood career. In addition to starring in movies, usually in small roles, he usually serves as the senior or assistant military technical adviser.
The list of films he’s appeared in includes Forrest Gump, Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, Heaven and Earth and Saving Private Ryan. He usually plays officers or at least a Sergeant in these short roles. Most of these movies no doubt benefited from his expertise, and I reckon he’s at least part of the reason they were as successful as they were. Everything he touches turns to gold.

Not only has he been involved in films, but in radio, and the authoring of several books, but what really led me to discover him was his appearances in video games.
Dale worked as a consultant, and as the training mission narrator, on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, which was essentially a video game adaptation of Saving Private Ryan, since it included scenes familiar from the film, such as the landings on Omaha beach. He’s also served in this position for nearly every other Medal of Honor title, including Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor: Underground, Medal of Honor: Frontline, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, and Medal of Honor: European Assault. It doesn’t look as though he worked on Medal of Honor: Airborne at all, and it still remains to be seen whether he’ll work on the latest Medal of Honor title in development.

Other games he’s appeared in include Brother in Arms: Hell’s Highway where he voiced the character Colonel Robert F. Sink, a role which he also played in the Band of Brothers series.

Interesting tidbits about USMC Ret. Capt. Dale Dye (not to be taken too seriously):

  • He was considered for the title role in RoboCop.
  • According to some, Dale Dye is fearless, and perhaps enjoyed Vietnam too much.
  • Despite being born at the time (1944), and contrary to popular belief, he didn’t actually fight in World War II.
  • I believe that Dale Dye may have been the inspiration for the character known as Old Snake, or Old Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots. Check out the mustache.
  • Just like Solid Snake in MGS 4, he seems to have mysteriously rapidly aged over the past few years.
  • Dale Dye is often compared to R Lee Ermey (Gunny).
  • Despite working for Soldier of Fortune magazine, Dale Dye is not to be confused with John Mullins.



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