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Apocalypse Then- Doom II: Hell on Earth

It’s the fifteenth anniversary of Doom II- the sequel to the game credited with kicking off the FPS genre, Doom. Doom II is the best-selling id game ever, and also received the Origins Award. It was also the first game to be rated by the ESRB.

The game was naturally developed by the masters, id Software, and has been released on many platforms, including PC, Linux, Amiga 1200, GBA, Macintosh, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Tapwave Zodiac, and Xbox Live Arcade. Unlike Doom, Doom II was commercially released and sold in stores.

It used the same id Tech 1 engine that its predecessor used, and introduced little new stuff besides the super (or double-barreled) shotgun, as well as some new enemies, like my favourite- the Hell Knight, basically a “smaller”, less powerful version of the Baron of Hell. The new power-up was the Megasphere, which doubled Doomguy’s maximum health and armour. That super shotgun was one of the reasons why I prefer Doom II to Doom sometimes.

And one gameplay change in Doom II was that instead of separate episodes, which basically got rid of all the player’s collected weapons and such, it introduced one continuous campaign which climaxed in a battle with the Icon of Sin at the end, and if you were a little sneaky, you would find that the mastermind was actually John Romero’s severed head on a stick.

Doom 4 is expected by some to be a remake of Doom II, just like Doom 3 was a remake of Doom essentially.



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