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World War II: The 70th Anniversary

It’s been seventy years since the beginning of World War II. Today, September 1st, back in 1939, Germany invaded Poland, which is generally taken as being the beginning of the Nazi attempt to take over Europe.

Many video games have featured World War II as a back-story, whether based on real-life events, or entirely fictional. We’ve had many successful series, like Wolfenstein, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Battlefield 1942& 3, and Brothers in Arms but to mention a few- and these are only a few of the most popular FPS games. There are also numerous strategy titles like Commandos, Sudden Strike and Company of Heroes too.

I read in two places that there are nearly 200 games based in WW II (183 when the article was published on

These are some of my favourites of all time:

Wolfenstein 3D
Spear of Destiny
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Call of Duty
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
Call of Duty 2
Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
Call of Duty: World at War
Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway
Commandos 2
Commandos 3

I hope sometime in the future to do more features on World War II video games.

Thank you to all the brave men and women who fought or contributed in some way during World War II.


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