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Classic Games Resurrected Hubs Updated

After a string of technical issues, I am finally able to continue publishing hubs over at

I took the opportunity to update my CGR hubs. There's been some new info added, and mainly new touches to the photo capsules, with thumbnails instead of the pictures being under one another, which makes it look tidier.

These are the hubs that have been updated or edited in some way: (Fixed broken link in resources capsule, still seeking replacement) (new info on ROTT reboot and updated ROTT Franchise capsule) (Updated Wolfenstein Franchise capsule)

For all of these hubs and more, check here.

I haven't worked on any new articles of this type for a while- one reason being the aforementioned technical issues, as well as working on other projects. I should have some new RRR articles up some time as well. RRR is my series of Recent Release Reviews. I've been playing Wolfenstein lately, so I might have a review up about that game soon, hopefully. I've got other unfinished reviews sitting on my hard-drive that I should put up as well.

I'm also thinking of branching off on CGR articles, since it takes a lot of work and research to do these types of articles, and not every classic game has received the attention as far as modernizing or customizing goes, sadly.

Yesterday I did publish a new article on my other profile, though.


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