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Apogee Software Wishes id Software Well

In case you didn't know, there's a lot of history, a friendship if you will, between Apogee and id Software. They were competing video game companies during the 90s, and Apogee even published a few of id's games.

True, Apogee Software.LLC may not be the same Apogee, the parent company of 3D Realms, but as far as most of you care- Apogee is Apogee.

Anyway, Apogee Software, on Twitter, had this to say about the recent ZeniMax- id deal:

"Congrats to id software for signing with who is probably the largest and best privately held developer/publisher in the industry."

Definitely a lot better than John Romero's initial reaction, which has brought him a fair bit of heat.

And it's not one sided either, since id commented on 3D Realms' situation in May as well:

“For me it was personally sad. I know a lot of people at the studio (id) were really surprised and saddened for sure. We had originally moved to Dallas because Apogee, who morphed into 3D Realms, was our original publisher. So id might not even be in Dallas and a lot of us wouldn’t even be working in the games industry if it wasn’t for Apogee and 3D Realms.

“So I know for me personally I thought it was a joke when I heard the other day. So definitely, extremely saddened and surprising that those guys aren’t there and we may never see the game we were all looking forward to.”- Steve Nix

Now to see if 3D Realms says anything about id...



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